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Rocks in the tidal water, Bostwick Inlet, near Kechikan, Alaska.
Sunset over the water from Mountain Point, near Ketchikan Alaska.
Gracie the cat posing with her amazing turquoise eyes on beach - Mountain Point, near Ketchikan AK
Tiny plant finds a spot to grow on dock in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Purple starfish at low tide, Surprise Beach near Ketchikan AK.
Cedar branches and spiderweb outlined with dew - on Deer Mountain hike, near Ketchikan Alaska.
Freshly dewed grasses, huckleberry brush, hemlock and cedar. Deer Mountain, near Ketchikan, Alaska.
Summer Daisies. Ketchikan, Alaska.

Summer Daisies. Ketchikan, Alaska.
Photo Credit: Lisa Callagher Chambers